Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Man at the doctor's

when i was at the doctors,the middle aged man walked in and sat beside me,so i smiled at the man to be polite and because a simple smile doesn't cost anything.after a while he started chatting with some people which i doubt he hardly knew.normally I'm not the snoopy type but the man was too loud and i was bored to death so i kind of over heard the conversation,
he started to describe the reason behind his being at the doctors, earlier that day one of his brothers had passed away, and he was with his  brother(one that died) when it happened. so in the that moment of grief he shouted his brothers name and fell to the ground. so now he has chest pain and a fever because of that(i doubt the fever was related this). but the interesting thing was that he showed no sing of grief what so ever. he seemed happily mad about his injuries and enjoyed quit a lot when he told the story.suck to be his brother though.


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