Friday, November 9, 2012

The key to happyness

we live in a world of illusion where we think we have friends and lovers. humans will turn into thugs if they are given the chance to, even the smallest child would like to spread his dominance over others around him.people are cruel and selfish and the tend to gain pleasure causing distress to others but they hide behind their random acts of kindness. which are mostly unintentional or done with  ulterior motives.
they are good at pretending,that's what make them better than other animals,they can plot better than others,mostly they'll plot among themselves to suit their own ends but in almost every religion we were thought to look for good in people and ignore the rest,why is that so?
all we want in this world or any other world is to be happy and to be better,but haw can anyone be happy in this life with all the piloting and back stabbing? it is simple the key to happiness is ignorance. we just have to ignore all the bad things people do and only take in the good,this way we will only see what we want see. but putting this to practice is hard, really hard if you went even slightly off you will become cold heart so how to be better than others, well that's also very simple you just have to leave out the best when you compare others with you, just make an excuse.but this is also hard because you have to find the right balance. if you over did it you will probably ended up being a looser.


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