Saturday, December 1, 2012

The legend of Lady Godiva


Legend has it that Lady Godiva had taken pity on the local people struggling under the onerous taxation regime of her husband. Much of the levy was Heregeld Tax which funded King Canute’s guard. She pleaded with her husband to alleviate the burden of his people by cancelling the taxes.
He then used her love of art against her by saying that as the ancient Greek and Roman artists worshipped the nude, she should ride through the streets of Coventry naked to celebrate the beauty of the human form. He would then release the people from the taxation.

Godiva agreed to the challenge but only on the condition that the people of the town stayed indoors and did not look at her as she was a modest and pious woman. The people agreed and she then rode through the streets naked on horseback with her long hair covering much of her body. Supposedly only one man cheated and took a peep.
This was a tailor named Tom who took a sneaky look and began the legend of the “peeping Tom”. Leofric then honoured his side of the deal and abolished the taxes.-reference

Moral of this inspiring tale is that Individuals can rise up and defend the rights of others by making a dramatic statement with their actions. 


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