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Favorite Wattpad Novels

Wattpad is website for writers to post their stories online and for readers to find something to read. Most of the stories there has been written by teenagers, so they tend to be little teenagerish. however as much as people would like to mock me for this I had this thing(for lack of words) for reading these stories for couple of months so I decided to make a blogpost(or make a list as always) about few of my favorite wattpad stories.

I didn't write any of them  nor I know any of them who did, so they don't belong to me the credit should go to the writers and i'm putting links to their profiles. how's that for a disclaimer :)

I'm Dead, and he's a Jerk

This is a interesting story  about a girl who likes to run away. You should ask "What's so interesting about that?" well she dies and story starts from there. little similar to the movie The Invisible but story is different someone kills her and she want's to find who and why. only one can see her is her frenemy, her ex so it has drama, good funny and emotional drama.  Ah..! I almost forgot you probably shouldn't read this if your underaged or somthing like that.

Maid for Hire

This girl is proud and independent she is also poor, not that poor but poor nonetheless. She has rich friends and rich lifestyle but her parents can't afford it, so naturally she works part time. Her friends doesn't know this though she's too proud to tell them. After she managed to find herself jobless because of a certain misunderstanding she finds a new maid job. the pay is good and hours are manageable yet a with a little snag. she has to work for a friend, well not exactly a friend a rival or enemy maybe who can use this information to ruin her school life for good. so comes blackmail and drama followed by romance and humor.

She's Bad News

She has a reputation as being the bad girl with a criminal history. She is supposed to be living with her drug addict mother but now she's back claiming her mother is in jail and she need a place to stay. She's back in her old school one she burnt down before she was sent to her mother. Her friends are her enemies now. and her father despises her. she seems pretty okay with it. but is she really okey with anyof it. what really happened that day befour she left, what changed the sweet girl into a what she is now and why does she has scars.

Born Immortal


This is a fantasy novella/novel, about a race of people or two races of people, not human more like gods or superhuman, They can live thousands of years without getting old they can throw powers and get inside people's minds. Unlike twilight vampires they don't sparkle and can be killed. The two races doesn't like to be friends so no interracial relationships or interracial children are allowed. but the story is about such child a powerful one, but she doesn't know that all she knows is that she is an orphan and she has to take care of herself.

she's a nice girl, so when she hears that class loner committed suicide she she genuinely feels bad even though she didn't knew him. she wished she could have done something. so she goes to his funeral and find that he has 3 adorable little sisters and a poor caring mother who will have hard time trying to provide for her daughters alone. That's when she finds death or should I say The Death seeks her out. however The Death offers her a deal she can go back in time to save the classmate she lost but(with complications of course) she has 27 days to do it. Why 27 days well death says that the boy decided to commit suicide 27 days ago. she agrees of course thinking that if she could talk to him, be his friend she could save him, so imagine the surprise when she find herself back in time and the loner classmate is a loner by choice and doesn't seems to need her help or anyone elses.

People like to bet because They are fun and risky. This is about Two guys making a bet, loser has to date a girl, make her fall in love with him within 30 days and when she admits her love he has to breakup saying it's a was all a bet The winner get to choose the girl. It's cruel thing  to play with ones heart but they are young and has the looks and goods to pull it off. The girl has already lost in the game of love and have no intention of playing again. she has enough on her plate with her parent's fighting and her brothers death. but for her luck or bad luck she is chosen maybe not by chance. will she survive? what will she lose or gain.  

This has the first of a three book series. Like in harry potter series There's a school called Abled for special kids(well more like high schoolers) who can control an element such as fire or water. there are also healers and extinct power wielders called Stinger. They have the opposite powers to the healers, for that and using it on people they are killed on sight. however one is is secretly plotting to bring the world to it's knees and now after a certain new student. this is written in multiple point of views. there are two other books in series called The Dawn of New Abilities and The Rise of the Deviants last one is not yet finished but has few chapters posted. this is nicely written and if you enjoyed harry potter you would like this as well.


Frost giants and fire giants are enemies, they have waged war for thousands of years and now they face extinction because of that. They have found a solution to this, mix themselves with humans and create half breeds clever giants right. This adventurous and  romance story is about one of those half breeds. she met both giant clans and now to find who is telling the truth and who is lying and what should become of her. oh.. did i mention she is suppose to lead an army into the war and she is clumsy.

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10 Skillet songs

This is my attempt at making Skillet top 10 list. If for some weird reason you don't know who Skillet is, it is an American rock band formed in 1996 consists of four members. You should check Last FM wikipedia and their web page for more details and stuff. So moving back to the top 10 this simply my perspective, It has nothing to do with song ratings. I had to leave out so many great songs to narrow down the list so some of the great hits didn't make it :( so hope you enjoy the list.

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Some of us have to grow up sometimes

Paramore has released their fourth studio album couple of days ago, which is big deal since they haven't done so in years. This one seems is little different from the first three albums but it still sounds like them. Referring to the Hayley's quote from billboard article "As people who are growing up, and I feel like we grew up quite a bit since from the time we put out brand neeyes to this record, this is really the story of the last three years of our lives. I'm just so proud of it." the album is about what they been through as a band last three years and there is a song called "Grow up" in the album it's lyrics contains

"Some of us have to grow up sometimes
And so if I have to I’m gonna leave you behind"(full lyricsso it must be about that.

Useful life hacks


I found this image containing very useful tips and tricks , I  have to tell you  I didn't knew the half of the stuff in this Image or never actually cared enough think about them(That's my attempt on saving my pride).Anyways I think they are pretty handy in day-today Life and everyone(who cared enough to read this) should know about it. I found this on (but I think the real owner left a link at the bottom of the image) Therefor I think it's necessity to add a disclaimer here since I'm not the one who came up with it(That there was my disclaimer if That's not clear enough I DON'T OWN THIS IMAGE :) ). So here is the original link  if for some reason this image isn't clear enough you can download it from there.

Things To Remember

I found another one and it contains new ones so I'm adding it here

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top 20 slow music videos

This is a list of 20 videos I kind of stumbled upon in last year or so which have this slow calming or little depressing tunes to them making them hard not to like(for me at least). Most of them I thinks belongs to Alternative or it could be Country,POP or some genres i don't know(considering I'm no expert on musics genres) however I'm breaking this blog post into two parts for readability and such.Anyways I hope you enjoy both parts and put your thoughts in the comments section :).

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harry potter Marauder fanfictions (2)

These Marauders era fanfictions have really creative plots and they involve Other Characters(OC) as well and they are not sorely James/Lily ship unlike the first part of this blog post They are also written in first person female point of view.I don't know why nobody cares about guys POV maybe it's more interesting this way.All the fanfictions here are very different from each other and they are all completed.If  you know any good ones out there please put a comment I would really appreciate it :).

harry potter Marauder fanfictions (1)

Here are some harry potter fanfictions I found to be really good. all of them are marauders era and focused on James/Lily ship. Like most of the fanfictions i found so far theses too have been written in girl's POV in this case Lily's. All of the stories are completed by the way, that way you won't have to wait to read the next chapter. I know it's bad since reading fanfictions are all about the waiting and encouraging the writers but these are finished ones and I encourage you to read others as well.

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After the goodbyes

After family reunions are over, we wave good-bye to our favorite cousins uncles and aunts while reliving the jokes, awkward moments and all the goods and bads with a happy broad smile on our faces.

After watching them disappear we turn back. It's like turning back to our old lives from a dream. Then the reality sets into focus (with thought of dealing with the after party). With that our smile slowly starts to fade away and the last couple of days starting to feel like a dream. The house feels like a little lonely without the family, unbearables included.

The talks of staying in touch,well, we all know how that goes. Things will go back to normal and all will dread the next reunion since most of family reunions are funerals, I'm glad it wasn't the case this time And hopefully next time as well.