Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 Skillet songs

This is my attempt at making Skillet top 10 list. If for some weird reason you don't know who Skillet is, it is an American rock band formed in 1996 consists of four members. You should check Last FM wikipedia and their web page for more details and stuff. So moving back to the top 10 this simply my perspective, It has nothing to do with song ratings. I had to leave out so many great songs to narrow down the list so some of the great hits didn't make it :( so hope you enjoy the list.

Better than Drugs

Feel you when I'm restless, feel you when I cannot cope You're my addiction, my prescription, my antidote You kill the poison, ease the suffering Calm the rage when I'm afraid to feel again(full Lyrics)

Some say this about god but to me it's about true love or someone really special.

Open Wounds

Downstairs the enemy sleeps
Leaving the TV on
Watching all the dreams we had turn into static
Doesn't matter what I do
Nothing's gonna change
I'm never good enough(full Lyrics)

It's about being a disappointing son and feeling like nothing you ever do pleases them :(

Falling Inside The Black

Don't leave me alone
Cause I barely see at all
Don't leave me alone, I'm(full Lyrics)

A cry for help while falling through depression 


I know I'd do it all different if I had the chanceBut all I got are these roses to giveAnd they can't help me make amends(full Lyrics)

I think this song is about wishing that he could have treated her better while she is alive, 

The Last Night

Your parents say Everything is your faultBut they don't know you like I know you They don't know you at all(full Lyrics)

It's about promising someone that you'll be there for them in the time of need


Forgive me I'm ashamedI've loved anotherI can't explain cause I don't knowNo one can take your placeAnd there is no otherForever yours and yours alone(full Lyrics)

I think it's quite clear that it's about asking forgiveness for sleeping with another


I'm gonna fight for what's rightToday I'm speaking my mindAnd if it kills me tonight  
(I will be ready to die)(full Lyrics)

It's about how a normal person can be a Hero i guess and female background voice make the song stand up :)


I can't undo the things that led us to this placeBut I know there's something more to us than our mistakesSo is it you or is it meI know I'm so blind when we don't agreeBut you should've known me by now(full Lyrics)

Someone is too stubborn and so he is blaming the other for not seeing through the stubbornness.

whispers in the Dark 

You'll never be alone When darkness comes, you know I'm never far Hear the whispers in the dark(full Lyrics)

I think this is about a promise of a lover rather than GOD, Thing about song Lyrics is you can interpret it as you fit

Awake and Alive 

I'll do what I want 'cause this is my life Here, right here Right now, right now Stand my ground and never back down I know what I believe inside I'm awake and I'm alive(full Lyrics)

To me this about sticking to what is right by you and not giving in.

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