Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Addicted to "Delicate"

For the past week or so I've been wallowing in the life of Rose Weasley who is the main character of the fan fiction novels  "Delicate" and "Still Delicate".

Rose Weasley
     firstly i didn't even wanted to read anything i was supposed to be studying, however once again my meaningless wanderings in the internet(which I do when i'm bored) have payed off.i have stumbled on to a site which is dedicated to harry potter fan fictions so I clicked on one of the most viewed stories and gave it a go and soon I was hooked.

story is about a teenage girl who gets pregnant on those one night stands and secretly loving the father of her unborn child while she hides her pregnancy from the world including the boy she it's all about the complicated relationship drama (but without the cheesy parts mostly).the story is amazing clearly the writer is extremely talented and keep getting better at it and it's also amazing how you forget the shit in your life while you read(or watch a movie or other distractions),now since I've finished reading the reality seems to be crashing down on me LOL :D but it's totally worth it.and the sequel is the best I've read so far.


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